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Freedom Day?

Pete Matheson
Pete Matheson
Here in the UK, Monday the 19th July marks what has been dubbed ‘Freedom Day’. The day when all legal restrictions brought in for COVID-19.
I’ve even seen a few people say that they are closing their business down on that day to let people enjoy their freedom!
Still, interesting times are ahead. I’m glad we can finally move on with our lives and hopefully put the pandemic behind us. Most of our country is vaccinated (though I’m 36 and still waiting on my second vaccination!) and I hope other countries can roll out the vaccinations as soon as possible. (I haven’t really kept tabs on the news, since all it brings is doom and gloom!)
I’ve seen first hand how damaging this can be, both directly and indirectly, so I really am pleased to see at least this country open back up again for now.
In other news, I’m getting the stage where I am hopefully about to sign my first long term sponsor for the channel, very excited about that! I’m also starting to get in touch with companies to ask for them to send products to me for review. It’s been quite an expensive process so far, so hopefully that will lighten the load somewhat! I’ve even talked someone into lending me something worth over £100,000 for a video review - I’ll see if you can guess what that is!
I’ve also split my IT & MSP Business content to a separate channel, which I’m slowly moving over relevant videos to, and will be getting more content out on here soon.
So If there is anything you’d like to see on either of the channels, simply reply back to this and I’ll see what I can do!

I still need to tackle this mess before shooting my next videos!
I still need to tackle this mess before shooting my next videos!
Now, I’m not into my football at all - sorry to those of you who are. But I did really enjoy how quiet the gym was whilst the England v Italy game was on! I think the receptionist thought I was mad.
I also still can’t understand how 40,000+ people can watch a football match together, yet no more than 6 people are allowed to be in a house together under the current lockdown rules (until Monday). 🤯
Loving the peace and quiet!
Loving the peace and quiet!
It turns out that YouTube Memberships is actually pretty crap.
I have zero notifications when someone joins / signs up, and I have no idea who they are unless I really go digging around in my YouTube Analytics.
So whilst i’m not going to remove / switch off the Memberships (because I think YouTube likes that I’m using them), I’ve also created a new Patreon.
Which is basically YouTube Memberships, but better.
I’ve created a few tiers on there where I’ll be sharing some more behind the scenes footage, as well as early access to my videos, and lastly a private monthly live stream if you wanted to just hang out and ask any questions, and basically just chat!
Would love to know your feedback on this as I literally have zero idea what i’m doing 🤣
Lastly, I’m going to post a Q&A Video on my channel in the coming weeks. So fire any questions you have back at me and I’ll pick these up on the video!
If you have any ideas on content you’d love to see, or are particularly enjoying then let me know. I’m really trying to niche down onto the content that is working, that people are finding interesting / entertaining and such. So yeah, let me know!
My Favourite Things This Week
Weird Thing - It’s a bit out there - but I’m finding the Compound Interest Calculator fascinating. I think I’ll make a video about this soon but it’s insane how money earning interest that compounds over time can basically set you up for life, or rather for retirement / early retirement. I wish I’d done this sooner.
Also, if you haven’t watched Bo Burnham yet - please do. As a content creator, it’s entertaining, eye opening and concerning all at the same time. Basically a guy made this in 1 room over the whole of lockdown last year. Shot, Produced, Edited, the whole thing - by himself.
Bo Burnham: Inside | Netflix Official Site
YouTube Videos this week
FINALLY ditching my Airpods. Here's why...
FINALLY ditching my Airpods. Here's why...
Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in 2021 #shorts
Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in 2021 #shorts
IT & MSP Specific Content
If you run an IT Business or Managed Services Provider (or want to start one) - then this content is for you.
Last week I’ve uploaded 3 new training modules to my Not a Business Coach Course
  • Starting your MSP: Get the Tools
  • Starting your MSP: Mental Health Check
  • Service Delivery: How to respond to a Cyber Attack
I’ve also started the ball rolling on a number of downloadable resources. Online Backup Agreement. Templates for Project Documentation. Nailing your customer avatar, and more coming in weeks to come!
MSPs - Are you Ready for Events?
MSPs - Are you Ready for Events?
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Pete Matheson
Pete Matheson @petematheson

Hey, I'm Pete - Content Creator, Ex-IT Business Owner and now multiple business owner living in the UK. Every monthly I write about behind the scenes of running my YouTube and content creation business, exploring the latest tech, productivity tips and all the little things that bring me pleasure.

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