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The Crash

Pete Matheson
Pete Matheson
Somehow I managed to completely skip a January newsletter update! Sorry about that.
January has been nuts. We finished the redecorating on the studio room which I posted about in early Jan (linked further down in this email).
The channel also hit 30,000 subscribers!
Like seriously, WTF!

I can’t tell you if it’s because there are now over 30,000 people subscribed to my main channel, or if it’s because it’s January and brands are getting things lined up this year - but I’ve started to receive some really interesting emails in my inbox.
In the next couple of months, I’m expecting to do my first Embargo phone review - For those of you who haven’t heard the term before - A brand will basically send me out a phone, before it’s released to the public, so I can review it and shoot a video about it. That’s so cool!!
I’ve also had a number of other brands approach to ask for dedicated videos and to sponsor some too - and that increase in revenue, if it continues means I should be able to invest more into the channel, to make the content even more awesome.
I’ve also mapped out my video content for this year, and would love to get some feedback from anyone reading this as to whether this content would interest you along the way?
  • 1x Monthly ‘Lifelong iPhone user switches to…’ Video
  • 1x Monthly Cloud Services Vs video (Best Password Manager / Cloud Storage / VPN)
  • 1x Apple Announcement videos (Upcoming Apple Products including VR / AR / Car)
  • I’ve also got some reviews planned for looking at the best Smart home alarm systems and best smart heating system - would really like to know if this is a type of content you’d watch? (Reply to this email!)
And lastly, I’ve also been given the opportunity to Keynote speak for a huuuge business later this year, so there’s some prep to do for that AND I’m hoping to work with another YouTube channel in the coming weeks, in what will be my first collaboration where I’m on someone elses channel. Excited to share more.
Oh and also, because I’m into my personal finance too - Did anyone see the huge crash of everything Facebook after their earnings? Everything crashed like, 25% overnight! Facebook (Meta), Snapchat, Instagram. Wow. I cashed out some of my investments a month or two ago so .. phew, but just wow!
Giveaway / Clear Out!
I posted a few weeks ago that I’m having a clear out from my studio due to renovating it over Christmas. I have a list of stuff down below that I need to move on. So just hit reply if you’re interested! Some things may also be difficult to post outside of the UK, but I’ll try for those interested.
Free - Sonos Bridge
Free - Roku TV
£300 - Rodecaster Pro (Desk)
Free - Amazon Echo - 1st Gen
£50 - Sonos Play 1 (White)
Free to collect - Walnut Desktop (80cm Deep x 180cm Wide)
Free - Fibaro Dimming Modules (And a few other Fibaro Home Automation Gadgets, ping me for more info rather than listing them all)
£200 - Honeywell Evohome Smart Heating System (Full System with 12x TRVs)
£130 - Apple Watch - Series 5 44m (Cellular) Space Grey Aluminium with Black Nike Band
My Favourite Things Last Month
Season 4 (Part 1) of Ozark - Ozark is back! Loving this show.
After Life - A very well put together ending to the After Life series. Ricky Gervais at his finest.
HypeFury - my new favourite Twitter scheduling client. I’ve been looking for a twitter client that lets me schedule tweets as well as write threads. I’ve tried a few and this seems to be ticking most of my boxes for now. And you can cross post to Instagram and LinkedIn too, bonus for me!
Beats Fit Pro - I purchased these a couple of weeks ago and they’ve really impressed me. I now wear them instead of my Airpods for workouts. Only downside is the case is a little bigger, but if you need some in ears with great sound quality, that don’t fall out of yours ears, with noise cancellation - these are my new favourites!
YouTube Videos last month
Galaxy S21 FE 5G, better than Pixel 6 Pro?
Galaxy S21 FE 5G, better than Pixel 6 Pro?
No More Bugs? 3 Months with Pixel 6 Pro
No More Bugs? 3 Months with Pixel 6 Pro
My £15k ULTIMATE YouTube/Gaming Room Setup – 2022 Edition
My £15k ULTIMATE YouTube/Gaming Room Setup – 2022 Edition
IT & MSP Specific Content
I’ve decided to move my MSP Content over to a separate newsletter, since the topics are completely different to this one! So if you’re interested in more IT & MSP Content - please sign up via the link below!
IT Business Coaching from an Ex MSP Owner
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Pete Matheson
Pete Matheson @petematheson

Hey, I'm Pete - Content Creator, Ex-IT Business Owner and now multiple business owner living in the UK. Every monthly I write about behind the scenes of running my YouTube and content creation business, exploring the latest tech, productivity tips and all the little things that bring me pleasure.

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